Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Vernal Equinox 2014!

We are so thrilled to experience some warmer days and thawing earth. We've been working in the garden whenever possible. Steve, being the super star he is, works in the garden after a full day of paid work, then comes indoors and works on wiring and bathroom gutting. That's a schedule not many want to keep, including him, but we will make it!

We are removing last year's growth from our garden beds in preparation for broadforking once the soil dries more. The main path got a new layer of straw and we are working on some new trellising designs.

Happy day! Look at that blue sky....we've really made it! The woodcock are finally calling up here in Morrow County and the turkey vultures returned a few weeks ago. Bird song increases every morning and nest making has commenced. All great signs that spring really is here.

We are piling some low garden beds with lots of organic matter and will add logs and soil soon to give hugelkultur a try.

The chickens are loving the milder weather and are doing a great job making lots of compost and laying lots of eggs....5 a day! We've experience some serious chicken drama here as evidenced by one hen (Little Girl aka L.G.) separated from the others. This story is a whole different post we will get to soon.

 Happy Vernal Equinox to all our blog readers!


  1. The squirrels found a way under my netting and ate my lettuce while I was away...I was *&^%$# to say the least!! I do have a second bed just now coming up but dang it all....
    The Hugelkultur sounds awesome, I will be eager to see how it works for you. I had chickens at one time, the hens always picked on the rooster and I had to separate him, He was def- hen Peeked!!


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