Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Little Deck from Reclaimed Wood

We salvaged some wood a while back from an old building in the woods that needed removing. We had a number of ideas what to do with this wood and settled on a little deck on the south side of our house amongst our pollinator garden. The wood was sopping wet when we started the project, but the additional weight just added to our physical work - not a bad thing sometimes.

Steve trimmed off the rotten ends...

and we ended up with a fair number of usable boards. By the way, won't it be fabulous when we paint the garage?!

Before we put the deck together, Steve added a plastic barrier to our foundation and spread beautiful river rock.

We decided to go for a free-form shape defined by the boards. Jennifer screwed the boards down with screws we salvaged from this property when we bought it in 2010! (There were A LOT of screws spilled all around the chicken coop.)

Steve spread stone on all the trails in place of the straw we laid last fall. Now, we have some nice composted straw for the garden as well.

Ta da! We finished the little deck and we love it. It's a perfect place to have morning coffee in the sunshine and soon it will be surrounded by hundreds of blooms.

Happy builder!


  1. ...a perfect spot to kick off your shoes and enjoy the results of your hard work!!

    1. Yes! We have lots of little hang out spots. It makes life so much more fun! Hope spring is good for you. :)

  2. Oh, so cute! Can't wait to see it with everything green and blooming around it. Are you painting the garage the same color as the house? Happy Spring to you both! ~Vonnie

    1. Yes, yellow. :) The color of sunshine. I just told Steve yesterday my memoir will be called Seeking Sunshine. :)


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