Saturday, April 26, 2014

Scavenged boards, Onions and Magic Molly

Steve is such a wood scavenger! He harvested a number of old boards from a building that needed torn down and is using them to line our garden beds. The beds need some additional soil and these boards are helping to hold the soil in place and clearly define bed vs. path.

When Steve decides he wants things straight, he makes them very straight...such a skilled guy.

Lovely looking, eh? The perfect soil texture (and the fact that is was ready and others were not) prompted us to plant our onions here. This year we planted Stuttgarter, a good keeper for us, and Red Baron. We ordered sets from Fedco rather than starting seeds since our grow lights are filled to capacity with tomatoes, peppers, tomatillos and 2 shelves of milkweed!

Steve added in many loads of soil from our compost/soil pile into our raised beds. Our initial compost rapidly broke down so it was necessary to add some more material back into the beds...

to make a happy home for our potatoes! We are still eating potatoes from last summer. It's awesome. We have a box full of Red Maria and they've not yet started sprouting! Sadly, I placed our seed order too late this spring so we were too late for that variety. Instead, Fedco sent Strawberry Paw. We are interested to see how they compare. We again planted Blue Gold (we love the texture of this variety and it keeps a long while, but not as long as Red Maria) and tried a new one.

Here's the new variety for us: Magic Molly. She's a beauty! We are so excited to try these!

Happy Belated Earth Day and Arbor Day!

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  1. oh, anxious to see how they come out! Love the Magic Molly's those are gorgeous! If you're interested in reading about my big garden goof, you can head on're a couple of the people who would know what a total bummer that is! Garden's looking great on your end! ~Vonnie


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