Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Giving Thanks, A Daily Practice

When you get to hang out with your soulmate every day and explore cool natural areas near and far, you can't help but feel that giving thanks needs to be a daily practice! We wish the same for you...whatever it is that speaks to your soul.

Our favorite Mohican State Park spoiled us in beauty on a recent hike.

You really just can't beat the fall foliage of deciduous hardwoods:

Turkey tail fungus - always one of our favorite forest finds:

Christmas fern, hepatica, oak leaves and moss - the forest floor is a wonderous foundation for so much life:

Nature is fascinating at all scales:

Soaring raptors - a universal source of inspiration. As we sat by the clear watered river and charted our life direction we felt such gratitude for this visit from a Bald Eagle.

Rotting wood - inspiration for early cartographers?

Nature's palate (why art imitates nature):

Vireo nest - certainly a safe and cozy home hidden amongst the many leaves of late spring and summer:

Witchhazel flower - little rays of sunshine:

Happy Thanksgiving to All, Everywhere!


  1. What a beautiful post thank you so much for sharing your world with us!


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