Tuesday, November 17, 2015

More Stuff from Junk: Arbor and Foot Path

Making do with space you have and cleaning out extra stuff always creates fodder for new projects. Some cracked tree cookies too thin for Steve' tree cookie stools make a natural pathway.

A newly cleaned out and organized wood shop makes creating so much easier. Steve whipped out an arbor for our garden using some old wood ladders and various other wood scraps that would have ended up on the burn pile otherwise.

Countersinking and pre-drilling prevents splitting on hardwood boards. Steve is still using up screws we salvaged from one of the many trash piles when we moved here in 2010.

And, here's the sweet gem as she goes up!

Just imagine a flowering vine on there next summer while we wait for the hops to fill in...charming! What did this cost us? Nothing, but an hour of our time. The amount of stuff around all of us already - just waiting to be used is pretty overwhelming when you start noticing it. We are working to think creatively about the waste stream and the role we can play in tempering it a bit, while making something beautiful and useful.


  1. Marvelous! I love arbors...I finally got a cross vine established over mine, It has 2 big seed pods this fall! I agree 100% with reusing and repurposing found objects as well as stuff we have around the house! And thatys a good tip on the predrilling!

    1. Glad to know like-minded peeps. :) You are so good at making things too...we love it!


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