Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Incredible Gift of Leaves

We are so grateful for the annual leaf fall. By this time of year, our beds really need some mulching and the eventual nutrients from the decomposition of the leaves. Each year, for FREE, we get this incredible delivery of one of the best mulches.

Our favorite method for moving the leaves around is a rake and a tarp. We don't have a leaf blower and we prefer the quiet and physical activity associated with the humble rake. Our tarp of choice is medium in size so we can haul a good load of leaves, but not get it too heavy to drag. (Neither of our backs are getting any younger, though yoga Sun Salutations really, really help.)

Our front yard red maple makes a stunning mulch.

We leave most all our perennials standing until spring so we can enjoy their form and interesting seed structures, while also feeding the birds through the winter naturally. As a side benefit, this vegetation helps hold the leaves in place.

Our little Ninebark really benefits from the conserved moisture thanks to these leaves since the sun and the wind dry the soil much more slowly when it is protected. This past week we finally received a great rain - 2.5" over 24 hours so when I pull these leaves back, the soil is moist. Yay!

We have native Aster and Purple Coneflower blooming on 11/4.  These plants are just teeming with nectar seekers on warm days illustrating the incredible importance of late season blooms. They are mighty pretty look at too.


  1. I love leaves but the pine needles we have mix in and make the leaves almost unusable you have some gorgeous ones!!

    1. Yes, I'm sure you have lots of pine needles. They collect under our pines and make a perfect mulch there. Yesterday I marveled at their incredibly beautiful cones. :)


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