Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another First !!!

The other day we were in search of butterflies and caterpillars at Rattlesnake Springs and, holy mackerel, did we get lucky and bumble across a momma hummingbird on her nest - a first for both of us!

We are not exactly sure what species (we could not see all her markings) but we would say she's a Black-Chinned Hummingbird if we were forced to guess.

Check out that nest. Here's an excerpt from The Birder's Handbook (Ehrlich, Paul R.) describing hummingbird nest construction:

"...of plant fibers, plant down, covered with lichens, bound with spider's silk, oft with streamer of grass blades attached to bottom by spider's web, lined probably with plant down."

Seems like the nest in the photo below fits that description fairly well. In any event, what an incredible abode! What an incredible and beautiful and beautifully adapted bird!

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