Saturday, July 4, 2009

Carlsbad Farmers Market

Seems like everywhere 'ya go there are Cultural Creatives carrying the torch of human meaningfulness. We met a few more today at the Carlsbad, NM Farmers Market. Here's the set-up outside the courthouse:

Here's Jennifer, very excited:

This week we bought mainly arts and crafts. Here's a tree charm created by Wild Sage Gardens of Carlsbad (575-499-5344). They take glass bottles, crush them, tumble them and then use the larger chunks to make these:

How cool is this:

Beautiful stuff:

We also bought soap from Made to Lather Soaps ( They are all excellent:

And we bought this wonderful bowl made by a local potter (LF Pottery, Linda Frank, 575-885-1541):

What a great way to celebrate the 4th. - by celebrating individual creativeness and the spirit of community!


  1. I love handmade stuff. It feels special to have a unique peice that you can enjoy. I love the tree charms...I might try to make something like that for future gifts.

  2. awesome! looks like great stuff. . .i love the farmers markets.


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