Sunday, July 19, 2009

Shoe-Shine Gov'na?

In honor of some little shoe-shine kid in some Dickens novel, I decided to shine my shoes today. Actually, I did it because Jennifer has to keep her shoes shined for work and that brought back childhood memories of shining shoes every week for church. No, it was not penance for wrong-doing, it was because we didn't have money to buy new shoes very often. And, since I was the youngest, I received hand-me-down shoes that needed on-going shining or they'd fall apart. So fast-forward about 30 years and here I am shining my shoes again. Why? Two reasons: 1) leather shoes can literally last a life-time if they are cared for and 2) out of respect for the cow that lost its hide for the sake of my feet (his/her hide outta last me awhile or what's the point?).

So here's a shoe-shine quickie:

1) Got scuffed leather shoes?

Get yourself some newspaper so as not to make a mess on the clean carpet, clean the shoes and remove the laces:

Get a can of shoe polish (about the price of a small latte):

Take an old rag and work the shoe polish into the shoe - working the polish into any cracks in the leather (shoe on right below has been polished, the one on the left has not):

Put on some sassy new laces if need be and ya-gotch-yer-self a nice polished pair of shoes gov'na!!:

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