Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Crafting 2009: Part 2- Knitted Bracelets

Jennifer whipped up these fun little knitted bracelets and enjoyed experimenting with different stitches, clasps, etc. Here are a couple knitted I-cord bracelets with a crocheted loop and drilled mescalbean seeds acting as the clasp.

A single repeat of chevron ribbing and a tamarind seed (we ate the fruit, saved and washed the seed and drilled two holes in it for this button) made a nice earthy looking bracelet.

Two more I-cord bracelets with a coffeetree seed from our place in Indiana and a rock collected here or there tumbled and drilled...

Fun buttons, double moss stitch & little arrows...

I like how these turned out and they were a fun little project to try different stitch patterns. If you decide to make these I suggest leaving at least 12 inches when casting on and binding off so you can sew on the button or seed on one end and crochet simple chain stitch on the other end to make the loop.


  1. these are fabulous! we all wear ours:)

  2. Love the buttons and the earthy colors. So pretty!

  3. LOVE them, you are so cool and smart! i wear mine and finds it adds warmth in addition to be very cool. thanks again! acb

  4. Very pretty ... :0)


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