Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Crafting 2009: Part 3- Soap & Lip Balm

Jennifer is soapmaking again so everyone received a couple of bars of soapy goodness this Christmas. I made three types: lemongrass, fir & grapefruit. The scent all but disappeared in the fir and grapefruit so I am learning how to really anchor fragrances before I start selling again (we are hoping to reopen our shop this winter!). I like the look of the lemongrass and grapefruit soap colored with turmeric and paprika respectively. The lemon balm leaves are from our garden here in New Mexico.

I've made lip balm a few times, mostly just for Steve and myself, but this Christmas we made some as gifts. They turned out well fragrance and consistency wise. Should I continue to make these I will find and use recyclable containers next time. It's all quite fun experimenting! All my time in the chemistry lab throughout college never proved as much fun as the chemistry I am practicing in my own kitchen!


  1. Let me know if you are selling...I'm first in line :)

  2. I sure hope to be selling by February or so, but I need to get cracking! :)


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