Thursday, December 3, 2009

Vegetable Processing

We spent a portion of this past weekend processing more vegetables including another of our blue hubbard squash. We have two left once we work our way through this one. I think if we hadn't lost 4 (to fun seeking kids) we might have made it through winter.

So much squash - all pureed and ready to use!

Also in the vegetable processing world - tomatoes! Our heirloom tomato friends moved up to Santa Fe and passed along the tomatoes that were put in boxes to ripen. (Thanks Mary & Robert!)

About 50 tomatoes ripened last weekend so we made sauce and ended up with about 2.5 quarts to use as needed.

Our Seed Savers catalog arrived a week or two ago and we are already dreaming of next years garden!


  1. Ryan and I were just talking about making some homemade pasta/pizza sauce. Too bad I don't have any tomatoes left!

    I, too, am looking forward to gardening next year:) Hopefully you will be in a good place to have a huge garden!

  2. productive! Love the new blog title photos ;)

  3. How much fun! I cannot believe how big those squash are, really. I am looking forward to an expanded garden next year which will include tomatoes for sauces and soups. -b


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