Thursday, May 19, 2011

And the planting begins...

We've planted the garden over the past week or so in between bouts of rain.  The weather looks great for Saturday so the final first round of planting will wrap up then.  Here's some of what's went in thus far:

Onion and potato raised beds...

These are onion sets we picked up at a local box store for super cheap.  We will compare yields to our...

onions started from seed.  (2 trays this size)

We planted 3 kinds of potatoes for eating this summer and storing.  The potatoes are planted in the depressions to allow room for hilling as they grow.

The tomatillos grown from seed are happy as can be!

There are lots of flowers; now we need some warmth so the pollinators come out.

Beets are germinating.  Mmmmmmm can't wait!

The tomatoes grown from seed are doing well too.  New green growth came on this past week even with the cold and rain.  Flowers are ready to open this weekend in the sunshine. 

We planted ~30 plants.  Yep, hoping for LOTS of tomatoes!


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