Sunday, May 8, 2011

Welcome to the Machine

 We finally got a chance this weekend to cut our garden beds with a sod cutter that we rented for a day. While running this beast, Steve kept thinking of that old Pink Floyd favorite, "Welcome to the Machine"!

But before we could cut, we had to mark the beds:

Enter, The Machine:

About 3 passes gave us...

...a bed width we liked:

 The cut sod roles up nicely:

 Soon we had plenty of sod rolls piling up but also a lot of beds taking shape:

After we made all the cuts we'd planned to make we put the sod cutter away and hauled sod roles (from at least one corner) to a compost pile.  Here's a shot from the roof showing about 1/2 of the garden. The circular area is the footprint of a burn pile that will be a big wildflower patch and sitting area.

Next time: six more raised beds and garden bed finishing touches...


  1. so jealous. this looks like it will be an amazing garden.

  2. Nice garden! The soil looks nice and rich, should do well!

  3. Oh, let's see, we're 4 weeks into trying to de-sod the garden, and I've gotten one and a half beds done! And now we're only 7 days of rain predicted, not amused. Your garden is going to be AMAZING! I may have to rent a sod cutter for the last 2 1/2 beds because my forearms with tendonitis are screaming at me to do so! Lovely, truly lovely space! I also am very enamored of a sitting space in the garden, I love to spend time amongst all the fruits of my labor! Can't wait to see it in full bloom! ~Vonnie, NH


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