Monday, May 2, 2011

An update of sorts (fence, bluebirds, path)

We enjoyed an hour or so of sun this past weekend and we soaked it up!  The rain this spring is incredible.  We've not yet removed the sod due to the moisture, but we did finish our fence.  We fenced all 280' with sections of fencing left from the prior owners.  Amazing!  We attached chicken wire along the bottom of the fence to help keep hungry four legged critters out.  Jennifer watched Groundhog emerge from his whole north of the garden and skittle quickly along the edge and around the corner to head for the compost pile.  Let's hope this keeps up.  Two fence gates are on the agenda for this upcoming forecasted rainy weekend. 

The bluebirds aren't super fans of our garden work since their box is so close (it's just outside the fence in the above pic), but they tolerate us and are currently incubating 5 eggs.

Slowly but surely we are digging in flagstone we unearthed from our back door area.  The house shades much of this area so we are planting woodland shrubs, flowers and ferns.  Hopefully next year this time there won't be near so much mud.

Relaxation is always built in at some point of our day!  The calling wood thrushes and gray treefrog made this time perfect.  More soon....


  1. Looking great as usual! Glad you two are able to find a few moments each day for relaxation:)

    This rain could just drive us all nuts, and we've even had a bit more sunshine than you. It's got to clear up one of these days!

  2. Hi J&S...looks like you guys are still at it, busy~busy~busy!!!
    I have been pretty busy my self, so just getting to your post!!
    Groundhog...oh my ..hope you can keep him out of your garden !!
    Lovely that your Bluebirds are all settled in and in a "family way".lol
    My Bluebirds have the nest built and I think she may be setting not sure. I know the House Swallows have been bugging them even though there are 10 houses to choose from!!
    Hummingbird arrive at the feeder I hung out yesterday,so thing are look up here!!
    I hope you can get your garden spot dried up so you will be able to plant there soon!!
    Our maybe since you have a fence you could get a cow...mooo hahaha!!
    Then next spring it will be well naturally fertilized for a garden!! : }}}}

  3. HI Jennifer & Steve!
    The fence is looking great! And baby bluebirds, how awesome will that be?? I posted an update on my recycled coop building if you're interested over on my blog. Things are really shaping up there, pretty soon, you'll have nothing left to do (time for chicks?) ~Vonnie, NH


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