Tuesday, December 6, 2011

High School Metal Shop Still Handy After All These Years!

I pulled this little wheel barrel out of the trash. It had a flat tire (which I repaired) and...

...the plastic "barrel" part was cracked (don't ask me why this is made out of plastic!):

I don't remember much from high school but I do remember a bit from metal shop. For this project I found some metal stapping and, using a hammer and a radius, shaped it to fit...

...the inside radius of the barrel, spanning the crack:

Next I drilled holes (using a metal bit, low rpm's and some oil to facilitate cutting):

Using some machine-thread bolts I fastened two of these straps across the crack:

Here's the repaired and stabilized crack:

This little gem will provide years of service (since we will not overload its light capacity plastic barrel).

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  1. Such the handyman, way to go Steve! Amazing what people will throw away. . .


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