Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Not enought gift boxes?

That's ok...make your own!  This year for gifting locally made recycled glass suncatchers and truffles and our homemade sweet relish, soap, and homegrown calendula seeds we found we did not have enough gift boxes.  Not wanting to purchase any, we made our own.  We raided our stockpile of used boxes, cut off the top flaps, wrapped the bottom in brown paper we stashed away from 2011 soap ingredient orders and made new tops out of festive paper found at the thrift store.  ($2 versus $20 for a brand new book of scrapbooking paper!) 

3 of our 4 cats were big helps with the project!  Alvin guarding the paper:

Flora guarding the paper once Alvin tired:

and Bounder sending us peaceful vibes:

A little miscellaneous saved ribbon, twine and wire makes for some pretty gift boxes!

1 comment:

  1. Hi J&S.... Love your natural looking and pretty, and where can you find good help but at home!! Cute kitties!! ; }



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