Friday, December 23, 2011

Our Christmas Gift to Each Other: A Multi-Media Entertainment Center!

At long last - our very own Multi-Media Entertainment Center: A WOODSTOVE!!! (thanks to Robert, Rick and Jules)

It not only heats our house but also serves as a multi-media entertainment center. It has two channels: warm and hot. It has multiple entertainment modes: dancing flames plus mesmerizing heat. It provides a center for gratefulness (for the firewood and Earth's fertility whence it came and for a good neighbor who cut it, etc, etc, etc.). It keeps our home, cats, coffee and hearts warm. All of this is way more entertainment than we need!

Plus it goes quite well with our high-end collection of homemade and gifted (from family and friends) decor. 

Looking for entertainment? We've got a chair next to the "center" ready for 'ya, come sit a spell!


  1. Looks like a great place to warm cold toes. Happy Winter.

  2. HI J&S....Perfect sort of it ..enjoy!!

  3. Wonderful! We love woodstove heat, nothing like it. We don't have one here in our rental, but we do have a nice little fireplace for ambiance. Happy holidays to you, looks like a great spot for a good book and cup of tea. ~Vonnie

  4. Great post:) Your woodstove is fantastic and soooo warm!


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