Monday, December 12, 2011

How long will the cilantro last?

Our coldframe is still protecting our greens and our cilantro!  We knew the greens would be fine still, but weren't at all sure about the cilantro given the lows in the teens this past week.  Take a look at these healthy growing plants...

Below is our cilantro patch after Steve made a quart of salsa.  To make our can't live without salsa, he used our frozen tomatoes and fresh cilantro; not bad for December!

Our two boxes with mixed greens are ready for more harvesting.  We took a break for a couple of weeks to give the patch time to grow a bit more so we can continue to harvest for a while.  We are only 10 or so days from the winter solstice - when we will start adding some daylight back into our days.  Maybe this patch will last till spring! 

1 comment:

  1. HI J&S...sorry I am so far behind, but been so busy ..
    I just went back through some of your past post..great job with junk pile potting bench and wheelbarrow repair!!
    Cilantro is not a favorite of mine, but I did grow some once and love the look of the : }
    Your beds look great and a nice salad patch growing!!

    We haven't had any nights in the teens yet,butttt I think it will happen soon..eeeks!!
    Take care..


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