Monday, August 12, 2013

Tree Frog Baby!

This spring we were excited to hear the courtship call of the gray treefrog eminating from our small wetland. We were also nervous since our wetland also supports other frog species, some of which predate upon the eggs, tadpoles and adults of the gray treefrog.

So we were elated to see the below newly-metamorphosed adult gray treefrog - evidence that our little wetland is a successful home to this wonderful creature.

What fun!!!


  1. Hi J&S... Success is rewarding, and what fun is right!!
    I just love these tiny guy's!!
    Good photo's because I know how tiny they are !!: )

    PS If you have a chance would you check on my Postfrom today Monday? There are tiny caterpillars on a Milkweed leaf, and I wondered if you might know what they are!!

  2. Aw wonderful that you are supporting wildlife in this way. My small water garden has 3 goldfish and one minnow who came home with me following a picnic at the state park pond...I wanted a natural way to help keep down the mosquito larvae population in the little water garden. NOW I must go see Grace's caterpillars too!! haha

  3. Great! Can't wait to see how much this area has developed!


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