Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Felt Bowls or Crafting with Friends: Part 1

This past weekend I felted with two lovely gals - Caroline & Alicia...

Alicia is an old pro at felting and so instructed Caroline and I in our first felting creation: free form bowls.

Alicia discovered the idea for these free form bowls in Simply Felt by Margaret Docherty & Jayne Emerson. You can see a bowl example on the cover and in the page shown below.

To make our bowls we started with processed wool called roving and some wool yarn for accents. (Roving is also what I used to spin my first yarn here.)

So how did we get from processed wool to bowls?

That's for Part 2. Tune in Wed. or Thurs. for the How-To on our felt bowls.


  1. Those are gorgeous! I once made some felted scarves with some friends and it was a fun project.

  2. Your bowl is great! The colors seem very southwestern:)

  3. you and your friends seem SO COOL!


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