Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dye Plant Book

Keeping with the thrift and antique store theme, check out this book given to my crafty friend Alicia! This book is so cool especially if you are interested in using plants to make dyes for use on fiber or just for historical purposes. Even though this book focuses on the Rocky Mountain area, many plants covered will be found across the country.

After an introduction to dyeing with plants and Anne Bliss' method the book is packed with over 100 different plant descriptions. Below chicory is showcased with a drawing, description of the plant and different mordants used to set the dye and the colors that resulted. Historical uses for the plant are also often listed making this a true gem of a book.

Another example...
Here you can see a map illustrating the range of plants covered, but I think all of us across N. America & even Europe (since many of these are introduced plants from our ancestors) would find many plants in this book in our local areas.

I took this up to the fiber mill where I volunteer and Jamie, one of the owners, purchased a copy off of Amazon. I think there are a three more listed if you are interested. I found one too - on ebay! With shipping mine totaled about $4.oo (not sure about the condition of mine), Jamie's $14.00 (great condition).



  1. glad you are enjoying it! alicia

  2. I won first place in my 6th grade science fair for dyeing wool with different plants. Very cool to see it here - and fun to do also!



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