Sunday, March 8, 2009

Taking Advantage of Atypical Warmth

Wow, we've had some relatively balmy weather here in the midwest and, by gosh, its been great! The other day we took a hike at Metea County Park and soaked up early spring. Here's just a few of our sightings:

A brilliantly-colored American Goldfinch hanging out in a safe spot:

Beautiful Cedar Creek from a high bluff:

Gnarly old oak tree tenaciously hanging onto the bluffs' edge:

Nice hardwood forest:

Incredible green color of an interesting moss:

A backward ladybug (Genus Chilocorus). We identified this tiny beetle here.

A huge Eastern Cottonwood tree. Steve and Lori (Jennifer's sister) hug her in appreciation:

As always, the boundless wonders of the natural world strengthened our sense of wonder and heightened our excitement for life!!

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