Sunday, March 22, 2009


There is a large patch of horseradish growing along the south side of our planted prairie, a remnant of the prior owners large garden on that end of the property. I never thought much about horseradish till we moved here and Steve's brother and some friends harvested some roots, grated the roots for eating and shared some with us. We used that horseradish in everything - even vegetarian potpies! The horseradish gave such an interesting flavor to anything we put it on or in. We are total fans. I read the other day you can grow horseradish in pots (and some folks prefer to do so because it spreads) so I decided to dig up a few roots for New Mexico apartment growing. We will see how they do!

While I had the shovel, I dug up some catnip (lower right) for Bounder & Bobcat. The other pot houses a mint that I rescued from one of our big box home improvement stores. At the end of last season I put the pot and the dried (thought to be dead) plant in our potting shed - then thought to water the roots this spring. Sure enough, the plant sent out leaves almost immediately.

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  1. Horseradish has always scared me a bit. Guess I just need to try eating it in some things!


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