Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Man Pots a.k.a. Cracker Jars

Steve's sister, Theresa, collects Man Pots or antique cracker jars. The term Man Pot came about long before I became part of the family, but from what I've gathered Theresa's first jar had a face of a man on it and there it began. She now has many, many of these jars and the family is always on the lookout for more for her...especially if you can find a good deal. We found an awesome Man Pot this weekend at an antique store here in Carlsbad with a price tag of $15. Steve was on it quick as lightening! The pot is beautiful with a Mexican color flair.

Old stuff is so cool. I found an old pair of hand carders this weekend that I need to look into to see if they might just work for my burgeoning fiber passion. Steve is always checking out the old tools. The quality is really astounding. As much fun as we have at antique stores and the like I am usually always at a moment or two filled with a "why is this stuff going by the wayside?" thought. Why can Steve only buy a junk plastic clamp in town at a big box store for his woodworking? I know the answer, but you know...


  1. Love it! I had definitely never heard of cracker pots before.

  2. Old stuff is really cool...I concur! This past weekend was the all town clean up. I scored two chairs for the porch, another for whatever, and a beautiful table. All need some sprucing up, but that is the fun part. I'll post the projects on FB as I work on them. -b

  3. You score some good stuff, that's for sure. I like the mugs you picked up a while back too.


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