Sunday, May 24, 2009

Slaughter Canyon

Beautiful Slaughter Canyon was shrouded in clouds, fog and mist the other day as the area saw uncharacteristic amounts of precipitation. We encountered this welcome moisture on an adventure to Slaughter Canyon Cave a couple of days ago.

The trail up to the cave entrance skirts the south side of Slaughter Canyon. It's steep, all up, and beautiful.

Into the clouds:

We are certain that this little moss was happy about the moisture:

As was this millipede:

Did this little bird live? We like to think so:

Oak leaves contributing to a bit of soil amongst the rocky cliffs:

Much life clings to the steep mountainsides:

We reach the cave entrance:

Soon, we are in another world:

A sampling of cave formations:

Happy hikers on the way out:

We anticipated sun when we emerged but it was even wetter - the rain was heavier and it was quite an adventure hiking back to our car on the steep and slippery trail. We could feel the collective gratefulness for moisture all around and are now very excited for the soon-to-be wildflower blooms!


  1. That is one HOT NPS jacket, keep them coming.... acb

  2. Hopefully you didn't slip and injure yourself again:)

    It looks incredible!

  3. That's actually the cave I bit it good in. :)


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