Monday, May 18, 2009

Ocotillo Nature Trail - Good for a slow weekend

This past weekend we enjoyed some relaxation time. It always seems to take awhile to settle into a new place after moving and as our friend Adrianne says, "we're still arriving." Our energy levels this weekend, Jennifer's healing foot from stepping on glass (& having it removed & given a tetanus shot) and Steve's need to study for his pesticide applicator's test today mandated some down time so we visited our new favorite coffee shop, did a little antiquing and took a short walk on the Ocotillo Nature Trail. The trail is located on the University of NM campus here in Carlsbad and is 0.9 miles up a hill that overlooks the Pecos River valley.

The native vegetation is quite intact along this trail and interesting to observe. The following photo shows a yucca in bloom. Many bees and other insects were flying about - probably trying for the nectar. I believe most yuccas are pollinated by the yucca moth though. Yuccas are very useful for people as well - you can learn more here.

The white-thorned acacias are in bloom and the fragrance is absolutely intoxicating. Wonderful!

We also watched many Western Kingbirds foraging for insects from prominent perches on the desert flora and two falcons soaring and diving for prey. We did not have our binoculars so I am not sure on the exact ID, but the behavior was unmistakeable. We did not see any capture of animals, but did see an oblivious bird get quite a startle in flight when the falcon swooped down in pursuit.

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  1. Glad you got in some fun even though you, Jen, had an injured foot and you, Steve, had to study!


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