Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hunter Peak, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, TX

On a recent hike at Guadalupe Mountains National Park we hiked up Bear Canyon to Hunter Peak and back down the Tejas Trail - about 9 miles. Bear Canyon is STEEP, boulder-strewn, whimsical and provides great views down into the Permian Basin:

Jennifer in the shady Bear Canyon:

Ascending into Ponderosa Pine country:

Ranchers used to drive cattle all the way up here because of the lush high meadow grasses:

Now the grasses are left alone to coexist with great wildflowers such as Desert Trumpet:

...Princely Aster...

...and Wheeler's Wallflower:

Looking North towards "our" park (Carlsbad Caverns):

Once atop Hunter Peak (8,368 Ft.), we had time to rest and be grateful that such places are protected and that we are healthy enough to enjoy them:

...and that we can enjoy them in great company!

...including unknown crazy alpine wildflowers:

Rested, we headed back down:

So many cool things to see, such as nice little thickets of oaks...

...where Scotch Bluebell and...

...Indian Pink thrived:

Down the Tejas trail:

Southwest Paintbrush: one of our favorites:

Nearing the end of our hike we could look back up into some pretty nice scenery...

...while also enjoying the wildflowers at lower elevations such as Crowded Rayweed (or Rubberbush):

And the vibrant woolly marigold:

What a day!! What a park!!!

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