Monday, October 19, 2009

Natural History Photo of the Week

Since the "Natural History Photo of the Week" is not click-able why don't we just do it as a post instead. That way we can appreciate a better pic. Mondays seem appropriate - a little early inspiration to help us through the work week!

Here's a good one:

This is Alpine Sunflower (Hymenoxys grandiflora) and is in the Aster family. We saw this gem at the base of a talus slope near Nambe Lake in the Pecos Wilderness, New Mexico. The flowers are huge relative to the foliage and the whole works grows low to the ground. Quite a contrast to our Hopi Black Dye sunflowers that we grew in are garden this summer (those babies grew taller that our apartment!).

Next week: talus slope!


  1. I never knew sunflowers could be so short:) Our Mexican sunflowers grew way over 6 ft!!

  2. Neither did we. Congrats on your gardening success this past season! Its all down-furrow from here :)

  3. Thanks!! I'm excited to try new things next year:)


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