Friday, October 23, 2009

Quite a Haul of Antiques

Advantages of small town life? You can hit all the antiques shops in a morning! Carlsbad has a number of excellent antique shops but it was not until this weekend that we finally checked out a store that ended up being a gold mine. Here's Jennifer excitedly unbagging the finds:

Here are just a few (some must be kept secret as they are gifts). Some are not truly antiques - just bargains for the kitchen. Other things such as the potato masher, mixer and little cookie jar have been around awhile. The weathered wooden "bucket" is actually the remains of an ice cream maker. The woven wool rug was quite a beautiful find too. All in all, a great morning of antique-ing and everything was a bargain!:


  1. so jealous! what great finds!

    whit was talking about how much she misses you two last night. i tried to reassure her that one day you all might move a bit closer;)

  2. One never knows in these crazy times!:)


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