Saturday, October 31, 2009

On-Going Gardening

Sure we got a bit of frost but we saved some plants by covering them and then it warmed back up a bit:

Sunny and warm days in the 70's are great for harvesting herbs and hanging them to dry:

Then it's back outside for preparing a spot for planting fall greens:

We use very light and shallow cultivation so as not to disrupt the soil food web:

Can't wait for the weekend and planting time!:


  1. have your little ladies tried to attack those hanging herbs yet?

  2. ever since you have told me about milkweeds i suddenly have gotten very interested in milkweeds! I finished my project and i am still looking up information on them! I think when i grow up i want to work 4 u!

  3. The herbs are too high for the kitties, thankfully. :)

    Courtney - you go on the milkweed research! :)


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