Thursday, October 15, 2009

International Day of Climate Action

There are innumerable ways we can all take action w/respect to climate instability (a more descriptive term than "global warming", we think). And even if you don't "believe in" climate instability - that's o.k. - taking action in this area will reap side benefits anyway. For example, if you take some time to learn and/or teach about our planets' weather and climate you may not become an advocate of anything, but you'll be spreading knowledge and inspiring people. If you take action to use less energy than you normally would that may end up becoming a habit and you'll save money on utility bills (and you could give that money to your favorite charity).

Even just taking a kid on a walk and pointing out the wonders of the earth and sky would be a positive action. Maybe we could all take a vow to stop complaining about the weather when it does not suit our fancies and, instead, take a moment each day to appreciate the seasons, the cold, the hot, the wind, the calm, the day, the night. Those daily connections are more important (especially in the long run) than any single day of anything. If we end up "fixing" this climate instability thing - great. If it all ends up being a natural cycle (as some have suggested) - fine - we'll have taken more walks, saved money, inspired ourselves and others and become appreciative of our natural surroundings.

Last night I was witnessing the world famous Carlsbad Caverns N.P. bat flight and enjoying an incredible sunset for a backdrop when I overheard an older man saying to his friend, "I don't believe I've ever seen a sunset like that in my whole life." I found that very inspiring and began wondering how often we all would be able to make statements like that if we spent more time paying attention (every day) to the wonders all around us.

The other day we had a spectacular weather event. Lots of fog in Walnut Canyon...

...and low clouds. The vast Delaware Basin appeared full-to-the-brim and level with the higher elevations of the park. It was a jaw-dropper:

This little pool of water from a short rain shower was more subtle yet just as powerful in its effect on the flora and fauna that is so well-adapted to this relatively dry (to us) land:

Take action (or a photo, a walk, a class) and appreciate our incredible and life-giving weather and climate. We've only got the one : )


  1. What a good perspective to have and to keep. Thanks!

  2. Great post!!! We will definitely take action and look to have a more positive/healthy perspective on things:)


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