Monday, January 3, 2011

A Brisk Hike at a Great New Spot: Mount Gilead State Park, OH

 After all the recent toil (or was that a labor of love?!) we HAD TO HAVE a hike. Luckily, we live about 10 minutes from Mount Gilead State Park and, as we found out, it's a great place. Like a lot of state parks, it's centered around some mega-topography. In this case, a nice wooded gorge and surrounding uplands.

Finally, a trail again!

Everything returns to nature; old boardwalk boards covered in mosses:

And the sun even popped out periodically!

We wondered why these icicles were the color of butterscotch pudding and concluded that is must be from tannins or some other material being leached from the decomposing wood (American Beech, in this case).

It's always easy to reflect on how lucky you are while gazing out over a nice overlook!


  1. Hi Jennifer & Steve...A well desired outing and a nice place for a hike...
    Very interesting the frozen ( butterscotch pudding) : }
    I love finding thing like that to get my curiosity going!!
    Enjoy your week!!

  2. Looks like a neat place. I've lived here forever but somehow I'm always surprised to come upon parts of central Ohio that aren't flat.

    What is the body of water?

    Jain the Blogger, demonstrating her complete lack of knowledge of local geography


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