Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Progress: Part 1

We said good bye to the red and gray dining room this weekend and it's all thanks to Steve.  This room bugged him especially so he prompted us to get primer and paint....just in case.  Amidst Steve's garage/shop organizing he also worked on priming...

Goodbye old paint!

Flora found paint rolling fascinating.  She helped Steve quite a bit on this project, as you might imagine.

And the new color goes on!  Yep, it's orange poppy folks.  We are officially hooked on bright colors.  Thank you New Mexico for expanding our color palette!

This room is so warm and inviting now.  Steve is planning the furniture he will build for this room.  Steve's skills, old boards and fun paint colors will make for awesome furniture, no doubt.  I can't wait!

We are also acquiring Steve's grandmother's table eventually and will add a natural fiber rug to keep our feet a bit warmer.  It's so much better than before and will continue to improve! 

Coffee or tea anyone?


  1. Hi Jennifer and Steve....I love it...I just love it!!
    What a nice feeling it gives the room....I would love to come for tea but.. : }}
    I just wish I could get myself to be brave and try some of those colors!!

    Good chose!!

  2. Don't you just love all the new colors available to us. I like your choice.

  3. Great color!!! Did Flora try to use her paws to paint? :)


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