Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekend Progress: Part 3

We moved craft room furniture and stuff into their new home this weekend!  There's still organizing to do and figure out, but the space is now usable and Jennifer's so excited!  

The space is bright and welcoming and most importantly....inspirational!

Soap is on the agenda for this week and it's so great to be at the place where we can start thinking about our creative ventures again.  Look for our Etsy shop to greatly expand during 2011!


  1. HI Jennifer & Steve will enjoy that room very much I'm sure !!
    Hope your weather is the way you like it
    ...snowing again here and beautiful!!

  2. Yeah! It looks great and so good for creativity.

  3. love this space! i cannot wait to come craft with you!

  4. you're doing such a beautiful job with the house! I so wish I had a space like that to be creative in, it would make a world of difference. I can just see some nice skylights in your room....hmmmm...perhaps a project for another day!


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