Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Winter Walk

 The other day Jennifer took a walk and got some nice sunny, snowy pics. This one shows our humble little house, the one-car garage (left) and the garden shed (right).

This one shows our other shed that might become a shop and an experiment with alternative construction techniques such as cordwood and strawbale.

The area is a mix of fields...

...forest and pasture.

It's a bit more rolling here than where we are from.

An ice-cold day, snow and bright sunshine; invigorating!


  1. Beautiful photos! Love your place:)

  2. So pretty. Might sound weird, but I had a dream that I visited your house (although in the dream it was in my part of the country...dreams are strange that way). I guess your home posts have made an impression on me! The snow is so cozy and pretty. Happy New Year!

  3. Hi Jennifer & Steve....what a beautiful open area...your really going to enjoy even more when spring comes around!!
    You make a great choose ..cozy home and grounds!!


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