Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Craft Room Progress

We are wrapping up work in the craft room, finally!  Painting is always such an involved job and we have LOTS more to do.  That's ok though, we have fun working together.

Trimming followed the wall painting.  The color is called Ohio Buckeye....appropriate for our new locale.

Little things hung us up in this room including the crude attic entry.

Steve and his handy self fixed it all up...

Here's a look at the attic entry with paint...

And the whole room with drying floor paint!  We're looking forward to moving stuff in and emptying the last of our moving boxes.

Happy snow to all you receiving it!  It's a winter wonderland here in north central Ohio.


  1. Hi Jennifer and Steve....yes... we here in Maine have a severe weather alert for tommorrow...up to 10 inches of snow expected!!
    Straight from the Ohio valley lol!!
    I am loving your craft room and the colors...anxious to see it all together!!
    Good job Steve...nice fix !!

  2. Perfect colors, you'll be crafting away in no time.


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