Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fruit Trees & More

Our Fedco tree and plant order arrived this week!  We're not ready to plant the asparagus and rhubarb yet so we pulled them apart and laid them on paper to dry until planting time. 

Happy farmer Steve....

Asparagus crowns...

On a cool evening we planted our fruit trees.

5 trees are planted north of the green barn and one grapevine.  It makes us giddy with excitement!

We planted 1 Montmorency Cherry, 1 Bartlett Pear, 1 Seckel Pear, 1 Grimes Golden Apple and 1 Milden Apple.  Hopefully in a few years we will enjoy some tasty fruit!


  1. Oh, I'd so love to plant asparagus and rhubarb! We never seem to stay long enough in one place to grow it. We have a couple of older apple trees here that to give some fruit and a peach tree. Just watch out for wood peckers when your's start bearing fruit! Our's eat them all if you don't cover them, downies are tenacious about the fruit, they know a good thing when they taste it! Best of luck with the trees! So fun! ~Vonnie, NH

  2. I would be giddy with excitement too!!!


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