Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The warmest day of the year!

This past Sunday we hit 80 some degrees!  The kitties loved, loved, loved the open windows.  So did we.

We watered our new orchard in t-shirts...

And a bit later in the day laid out the garden beds in shorts!

We opened the cold frame up so the many little seedlings could also soak up the balmy air.

Most of the rest of the day we spent working on the garden fence - more on that the next post.  Hoping for much more of these warm temps soon!


  1. HIJ&S..your little green sprouts look so refreshing ...the beginning of new life after a cold winter!!
    Kittie's soaking in the sun and fresh air , I know how much mine do...but we haven't got to the open window stage yet, but I feel it coming on!!
    The Peepers and the frogs have been singing for two nights and some during the day wonderful to here!!
    80 degrees right now would probably put us all in a sweat lol
    69 here yesterday !!

  2. 80 degrees!!??? Didn't you just have snow last week. That's crazy weather. Here, it is STILL raining. So wet and unseasonably cold :( Hope your fruit trees can take the heat ok.

  3. Oh the sweet kitties!!!

    Didn't it feel great to bust out shorts again?


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