Sunday, April 17, 2011


So our bluebird box attracted a male and female bluebird within a day or two.  We expected this since we saw a pair inspecting our wooden bird feeder. 

They spent much time going in and out, but built no nest.

Suspecting some dissatisfaction, perhaps due to the shallowness of the box we added another bluebird box.

We built a baffle out of scrap aluminum left here in one of the many piles of junk.

Steve made a fancy cap for the baffle...

and we placed the baffle on the new nest box location west of the garden.

We didn't walk five feet away and the male bluebird landed on top of the box...

and began scoping the new digs.

He brought his lady friend right over and the two began a long morning of back and forth trips, with you guessed it - nesting material.

Here's a peak at the partially completed nest.

The male is now starting to defend this space.  He needs to: that same morning a male and female tree swallow and Carolina chickadee checked out the box.  (We need to add more boxes!)  Check out his perch below. 

A pair of American robins are working on a nest in the green barn too.   We're hoping for successful nesting!


  1. HiJ&S...wonderful,I can just imagine the your are pretty thrilled about that!
    The house they seem to be taking is a ideal Bluebird house, perfect to be able to open and monitor!!
    My Bluebirds are back seeming to favour last year 'digs' even though they have been in and out of all the house it seem...unless there is more than one pair!!
    If you have any House Sparrows around keep an eye on them..I had one peck at a setting bluebirds head and it killed it!!
    You have alot of area there to put up many houses...I have 3 acres of land and 14 houses(bird that is lol)

  2. Oh wow! I am so excited for you! I visited a friend this morning and Bushtits are building a nest in her front yard (blog post soon!) and I have chestnut-backed and black-capped chickadees checking out my nest boxes. Love is in the air!

  3. I think I lost a thread here. Not having bird boxes of my own, I'm not sure what the purpose of your new baffle serves. That dome-looking lamp shade in the first few pics looks like it might be a deterrent to predators that like to climb poles. However, your newly constructed baffle leaves me, well... baffled. Do you have an explanation for the style? Oh, congrats on having a favorable bluebird nesting box!

  4. Grammie - 14 boxes! That's awesome. We do plan to add more. So far no house sparrow interest in the box though they are in the area.

    Michele - bushtits! How exciting! Can't wait to see pics. :)

    Katie - They're both predator deterrents. The second type is very slippery and shouldn't allow any animal to crawl up. We didn't have anymore umbrella baffles and see many of this style (out of pvc though) at nature centers.


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