Monday, April 11, 2011


We have plants!  Tomatoes are developing their second set of leaves:

 Chiles are sprouting and a few are developing their second set of leaves too...

 Onions are growing like crazy...

And the basil is quite happy too.
We had 100 percent germination with the basil.  We reseeded a few chiles, tomatoes, and tomatillos.  Still no germination on the weld or indigo so we keep watching and waiting.

It does a mind-heart wonders to walk into a room with hundreds of little sprouting seeds.  :)


  1. Hi J&S...that is so exciting to see the beginning of what will be an abundant harvest in a few months!!
    Your going to very busyyyyy pretty soon!! lol

  2. So exciting!! When will you plant in the ground?


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