Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring moths in Ohio & Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day everyone!  It's raining and gray here, but the birds are calling, the trees are flowering and life is good. :)  Lepidoptera season is certainly back and we're so excited!  We spotted some cool moths lately while getting out between rain showers.  Someone called the Grapevine Epimenis, Psychomorpha epimenis, moth (Family: Noctuidae) pictured below a day flying mini moth and it's quite fitting.  

We spotted a group of these moths mud puddling on a hike just this past week.  The sun shone and the temperatures were in the upper 60s and these little moths seemed quite content going about their business.  The adult Grapevine Epimenis moth feeds on nectar from various spring blooming plants: plums, cherries, hawthornes, redbuds, etc. The orange-headed black and white caterpillar feeds on various types of grape. 

The green beauty below clung to a fence post on a cool spring evening this past week; Steve spotted him while we walked by looking at spring wildflowers and listening to the calling birds.  We know the moth is some type of Emerald in the genus Nemoria. (Family: Geometridae)  Anyone know more to share? 

We're so looking forward to this gal's moth book coming out in 2012!


  1. Hi J&S...those guys are beauties...I'm not familiar with either,love the colors though.
    The light greenish one reminds me of the color of the Lunar that is a beauty!!
    Never to late to say "Happy Earth Day" should be everyday!!
    Happy weekend.

  2. Just found your blog,looks great!Love the name, can I borrow it?;)

  3. Jennifer and Steve,
    Love these photos! I've never seen the first one, but the bottom looks like a baby luna moth, is that right? I learn something new on your blog all the time, thanks for sharing your knowledge! ~Vonnie, NH

  4. Vonnie - we know the little green one is not a young luna (the adults all look the same once they emerge from pupation). It's definitely some type of Emerald. I got close on Bug Guide, but didn't feel confident enough to call it. :)


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