Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bluebirds, tree swallows & an unexpected visitor...

A week ago the baby bluebirds fledged!  Look closely at the ground to the left of the bluebird box and you will see...

 3 little fledged birds!


We couldn't get much closer for a picture because the parents kept us away.  See the papa on the fence.

One adventurous little soul climbed the compost pile within the first hour!

The other two huddled together next to the garden fence.

Eventually all left the nest.  One met his/her demise quickly but we are thinking long life for the rest of them!

Tree swallows found our other bird box quickly and are currently incubating eggs.  Soon there will be more baby birds here.

And finally, the other morning Jennifer looked out at the bird feeders and let out an excited scream.  Yep, we've got turkeys feeding here!  Lots of cool wildlife at this place.  We're feeling so grateful.


  1. I love it! Baby bluebirds are so cute. The turkey is pretty cool!

  2. HI J& funny...I guess the turkey won't be needing a nesting box lol, but wonderful you have new visitor'!!
    When my bluebird babies fledge I will be so worried! There are 5 of them and the resident hawk has been really haunting my yard area!!
    Hope your babies will be safe, but they do live in danger..and I guess that's nature!! Sorry about the one bluebird..poor little guy!!

  3. I love all the baby birds everywhere! And wild turkeys, too cool!

    There is another robin back in the nest on our front porch. Not sure if it's the same one with more eggs? Or a different one?


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