Thursday, June 2, 2011

Zoo Brew Compost!

The soil in our garden isn't too bad, all around, but it could use some organic matter, which would help with not only fertility but also with re-building soil structure. To that end we researched nearby compost suppliers and found Price Farm Organics in a neighboring county and had them deliver a dump truck load of "Zoo Brew" compost (this is a mix of animal manure, wood chips, bedding and facility compost materials from the Columbus Zoo). Here's the pile:

We had enough to fill all of our raised beds plus we added a couple of inches to each of the regular beds.

So far, the seeds like it:

Nice little bean plant spreading its roots in the Zoo Brew-amended soil:

If you are in Central Ohio, look into Price Farm Organics for all of your decomposing detritus needs!

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