Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What to do with an an old bucket milker

We found 3 bucket milker's in our chicken coop.  Probably for baby calves?  Thinking the buckets were cool we held onto them and enjoyed a great brainstorm for a new use.  Hanging planting buckets!  Check it out...

First, Steve removed the nipples and used some tin snips to cut out the bottoms of some cans we had in recycling to cover the holes left by the absent nipples.

If you look close in the first picture you can see the back of each bucket is equipped with a bent piece of metal to allow a person to hang the bucket from a fence.  Perfect.

We used some perennials (black-eyed susan cultivars) in these buckets to see if we can plant them in ground in the fall and enjoy them for years to come. 

So far so good - one's flowering.  :)


  1. Hi J&S..just great...I love how they look on the fence ..real country looking!!
    I love old tubs and bucket like there!!

  2. Oh I love that idea. It looks like it just belongs on your fence.Try to stay cool.

  3. So crafty!!!!!!

    Maybe you two should write a book. . .

  4. Love the planters! Such a good idea!

  5. Fabulous!! And look at how gorgeous your garden is coming along. We've had weeks of rain here, and we're battling slugs. Copper pennies and crushed egg shells seem to be helping. Love the planters! Kudos on the recycling effort, they fit right in. ~Vonnie, NH


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