Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Garbage Day Screen Door

Last year when we lived in a rental in Grove City, OH, we used to scan the trash all the time because people would routinely throw out some pretty excellent stuff. One day we saw the screen door pictured below and threw it into the back of the truck "just in case". Of course, "just in case" is now and if anything could use some dressing up with a refurbished Garbage Day Screen Door, the back of our house could:

Jennifer removed all of the old torn screen and thoroughly washed the entire door in preparation for a new paint job:

We get lucky and the install goes quick...

...and here we have quite an improvement!

Here's the "before" pic looking up from the basement to the only view we had prior to the screen door:

And here's the "after". Lots more light, ventilation and a view to the outdoors (which the cats especially appreciate!). Keep your eyes peeled on garbage day!


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