Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Celebrating Our Agrarian Roots

On a fine September day we enticed our families into an outing to a local treasure - the Salomon Farm - for the annual Harvest Festival. The Salomon Farm is well on its way to being a regional attraction as a historic working farm of the 1930's era.

As we all know, this was a time when...hay was stacked...
...and put in big red barns... be fed to horses... that they could do work.

Back then, tractors were a new thing. Then, we worked them into the junk pile. Now, we treat the ones that survived as works of art.

Silage was processed.

Corn was picked.

Wind was used to drive pumps... pump water for the goats and other livestock.

Folks worked with their hands, hearts and heads.

And we all love to learn about it and dream of what it would have been like.

We can still grow those same wonderful gardens that the rural folks of the 1930's grew (or we can buy produce from our friends and neighbors).

The earth is still bounteous !

And the tried-and-true yet spark the imagination.

All of us can glean lasting meaning from the past. What a wonderful gift we've been given by the Salomon family!

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