Sunday, October 26, 2008

Raised-Relief Tulip Tree Leaf Carving

If you've ever wanted to try wood carving - do it. It's truly not that difficult (assuming sharp tools). Just look at my simple carving of a Tulip Tree leaf. It was only my second carving and it took about 2 hours (plus finish time).

Here's just how easy it is. First, I traced a leaf onto a scrap piece of wood:

With a V-shaped chisel (parting chisel), I cut a groove along the outline of my leaf tracing:

Next is some shaping.

With a "gouge" chisel, I cut some "topography" into the leaf.

Here's the rough carving:

Next I removed about 1/4 inch thickness of wood outside the original leaf tracing:

I now had a raised-relief carving that I could stain:

And paint:

Hmmm...I think sassafras will be next...stay tuned:)

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