Thursday, October 2, 2008

What? Another caterpillar?

Steve found another caterpillar near our shed the other day and I recognized him from a few summers ago. This caterpillar is called Hitched Arches (Melanchra adjuncta) and is resting on Common Pokeweed adjacent to our shed. He will turn into a dark colored moth in the Noctuidae family. I do not know many details on this caterpillar since he is not included in my main caterpillar guide. Does anyone know how they overwinter?

Here is a photo of what I believe to be the same kind of caterpillar on Cut-leaved Water Horehound taken at Coffeetree Bottoms in 2006. Aren't these just beautiful caterpillars?!

We also still have one black swallowtail caterpillar feeding on our fennel. Steve captured a wonderful image of him chomping away...

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  1. We found a little caterpillar on our bedroom floor yesterday! These little guys are all over:)


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