Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Incredible Pallet and Salvaged Wood Workbench

Ever think to yourself, "I sure could use a nice big workspace!"? Me too, and often. That is, until one fine day when I saw some old heavy-duty pallet frames (thanks Kurt!) with fresh eyes. I thought to myself, "A sheet of plywood and some 4x4's, and I've got me a workbench."

And while I had on hand some salvaged 4x4's for the legs, I did not have the required plywood for the top. Firmly believing that, "to those who wait, good things come", I half-built my workbench with the 4x4's and a temporary bit of plywood. I then waited. Actually, I built a number of projects while waiting for my large sheet of plywood that was surely coming.

Lo and behold, a good friend (thanks Tim!) gave me two chunks of 1/2 inch plywood that I doubled-up for the top of my workbench. I edged the top with scraps and fastened some 2x4's near the base for a future shelf. It started to look so nice that I decided to paint it some inspiring colors. First, some nice yellow.

Then, some orange for the legs. Yellow and orange went well with the turquoise-ish top and natural edging. I currently (and excitedly) await the full drying of the paint so that I can get back to work! Good things do come to those who wait (and it does not hurt to have connections!).

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  1. I love it! We're hoping to come up with some funds in the near future to hire you to tile our kitchen counter!!


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